Shayne Spude

Hello, my name is Shayne Spude.  I am the owner of this blog Bloom Into Style Jewelry.  I am also the owner Bloom Into Style Jewelry, my Etsy Shop.

A little about myself:

I just turned 40 this July.  I live with my mother and my two cats Coolidge and Yankee here in the hot Tucson, AZ.

I have been making jewelry off and on since the early 2000's.  It started when I went over to one of my neighbors house for some housesitting jobs and saw all the jewelry pieces that she made.  One day when I was over there I asked her if she teach me how to learn to make jewelry.  She showed me what things I need to use make the pieces.  I also took classes.

I also have another friend that has been helping me out too.

The beads that I have on my shelves.  I have been getting the from the big GEM show that is here in Tucson, AZ once a year in January.  It is a lot of fun to find all these beads.

I have made necklaces, bracelets, earrings and misc. things

I am learning new things every day.

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